What is Pyrography you ask...

At its core, pyrography is a wood burning art. It involves the burning and/or scoring of material to create patterns or forms on a given workpiece. 

Pyrography can be used on a number of different materials including wood, metals, leather, felt, and if you ventilate proper you can even burn bones and plastic surfaces.

Like painting and sketching, pyrography is a free-hand art form that involves using a poker, pins, metal rods, brands, or even open flames to emboss a material. This in combination with varying amounts of pressure and temperatures allowing the artist to get a shocking variety of tones and textures all whilst not setting the piece ablaze.

Perfecting this technique (or even reaching a level where you are not setting random things on fire) takes quite a bit of practice and experimentation, and where this may be true for other disciplines like portrait painting or sketching, it is marginally more challenging with a wood-burning art like pyrography. 

While pyrography as an art form has been around for countless years in the form of tribes practicing things like ash drawings and scarification, the official art of pyrography was only fully recognized around the 17th century and continued to grow in popularity and complexity until the end of the 1800's

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