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The Ragdoll Princess - Pyrographics

Ladies "Shark" Week Box - Pyrographics by The Ragdoll Princess

Ladies "Shark" Week Box - Pyrographics by The Ragdoll Princess

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Time for that time of the month ladies? This box can keep all your 'shark' week goodies in one neat "unsuspecting" place.

This 🦈 sharky book box measuring approximately 10x 7 inches and 2.5 inches deep, has been hand- drawn/burned featuring Pyrographics by The Ragdoll Princess both inside and out with bold lines and small details that bring this box to life. Beautifully hand- painted with watercolors and a protective lacquer seal = vivid colors and long lasting. Within the satin red lined box you will find:

*period tracking book, full of period humor too -handmade

*red Sharpie marker

*red bag that isn't red -handmade and full with a handful of tampons and liners

*shiny red hair scrunchy -handmade (I had some extra material after lining the box) 
✨️Grab up this unique box for your own before it is as gone as you wish your period would be✨️
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