About the Artist - 'Pyrographics by The Ragdoll Princess'


   "FIRE IS MY ZEN ~   ART IS MY OUTLET ~     CREATIVITY IS MY SOLE"                                              ...The Ragdoll Princess...

 "Battle Born" Paris Patchin-Miletich, A.K.A.  The Ragdoll Princess, is a 'handi-capable' hearing impaired & autistic pyrographics artist born and raised in Reno, NV.

Paris is a happily married, homeschooling, stay-at-home mum of 4. With her parents both being professional artists/musicians, Paris has been surrounded and in turn, expressing herself and creativite skill set through art for her entire life, and in having been exposed to multiple mediums and influences Paris has not only found  herself within but has become most well versed in the art of Pyrography.         

Through pyrography and watercolours you will witness her creativity as it flows out of her firepen and bleeds onto the wood as if magic. All pieces are done by Paris by hand with her firepen. You will find that there is no laser work or laser machines used here.

Every piece is made with good intents and lots of TLC (and a little touch of magic too). Every sale helps support my art and my family, whether it be dance class, art supplies, or supper and i thank you ever so much for all of your support of 'Pyrographics by The Ragdoll Princess' 


~~~Imperfect handmade products for an imperfect world * crafted by an imperfect creature. It is what makes each piece unique.~~~